MAK IT Inc. is a full-fledged IT Consulting and personnel training service provider that has been serving all sizes of organizations since 2017. We have a team of highly skilled professionals in the Information Technology sector who are capable of varied specialized tasks.

We help enterprises, technology providers and innovative startups build scalable, high performance, reliable and secure applications. Our experience in application development spans modern application development architectures, right choice of cloud services, and DevOps driven application delivery. With core application development DNA, we bring expertise on most popular technology stacks – Microsoft.NET, Java, PHP, Python, C/C++, iOS, Android, Xamarin etc.


  • To be renowned as an innovative industry leader by fulfilling the varied demands of our customers.
  • To supply market-leading Information Technology services with classic quality and value.
  • To maintain transparency in employee communications.
  • To certify employees to work with integrity, respect and adhere to ethics framed by the organization.
  • To provide professional advice and prominence to retain strong business relationship.