Industries We Work With

At MAK IT, we provide holistic IT solutions to the following industries:

  • Retail
  • Banking
  • E-commerce
  • Multimedia
  • Healthcare
  • Credit Card
  • Insurance


The great reduction in foot traffic that retail stores now witness because of online sales is something that we help our clients address. This change in the retail landscape and the change in faster more personal consumer expectations can be met through highly customized tech solutions and user interfaces such as react, redux, angular, etc.

MAK IT works on these solutions for retail clients to improve their brand experience and improve operational efficiency.


We help ensure stores remain PCI compliant to help stores maintain the security of their infrastructure and the credit card information of their customers.


We provide them IT solutions to increase business intelligence such as analyzing customer behavior on-site to help understand where in their store are the customers spending the most time and why.


A technologically advanced communications network can help our retail clients in reducing costs, enhancing client interaction through the development and implementation of CRMs, increasing productivity and improving efficiency.


We provide retailers with IT solutions such as hybrid cloud, hyper-converged infrastructure, private cloud, converged infrastructure, and virtual desktop environments like Azure to help them keeping track of their inventory, improve their communications within the supply chain, improve their business processes, and provide a good overall shopping experience to each customer.

Automation and Orchestration:

We help them automate their IT and business processes for managing their operations. We help them in developing their websites on all platforms including WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Wix, etc. We also help them streamline their operations through the implementation of ERPs such as Oracle.

Financial Services

MAK IT helps financial services companies improve their IT infrastructure and help them focus on their core business. We are capable of providing high profile applications including LabVIEW, reliability, PLC, ETC SQL, db2, MYSQL, NOSQL ORACLE.

The financial, regulatory, technological and competitive pressures that are profoundly shaking the Financial Services ecosystem represent for its players as many opportunities for transformation towards value-creation models refocused on the customer experience. MAK IT has developed a leading position in the USA by working with financial institutions in banking and insurance: retail banking, corporate and investment banking, private banking and asset management. assets, personal and business insurance, payment agents and FinTech / InsurTech.

Managed Services:

MAK IT’s Managed Cloud Services help improve the efficiency of banks, insurance companies and credit card companies and reduce the costs of operations and the constant pressure of managing the sensitive information that these organization have access to. We have been providing highly secure banking software built on MySQL to our clients and training their staff on the usage of these software.


Attacks on financial data has been the major concern of modern banks and financial companies. We have provided our customers with some of the most secure software and managed security services to keep their data safe.


The development of healthcare informatics improves decision-making, collaboration, and the security of the health care ecosystem.

With thousands of customers in the healthcare system, MAK provides IT and network solutions to healthcare providers. Our secure data and communications systems are designed to benefit patients, manage financial accountability and maintain overall compliance for healthcare services.

With its experience, MAK IT Inc. can provide exceptional customer service and support on time and on budget. Whether you need more bandwidth for real-time image transfers, HIPAA-compliant infrastructure, or increased security. MAK is committed to being a 100% strategic partner for health care organizations.


Rather than assume the risks associated with on-site accommodation, choose one of our state-of-the-art computer centers.

Managed Hosting:

Use your innovation resources by delegating common day-to-day IT infrastructure tasks to our multi-level, secure global IT centers.

Data Network:

Your business with high-speed MPLS on demand to empower your employees, meet customer expectations, and stay competitive.


Improve productivity and communications with efficient systems that can unify your communication systems.

Managed Services:

Establish a secure and reliable network, infrastructure, and managed application services that will help your IT team focus on innovation.


Protect your reputation and keep your business running with the right technology and expertise in response to threats.

IT Services and Consulting:

Take advantage of CenturyLink’s experts to drive innovation, improve agility and gain a competitive advantage. We can help you in optimizing your applications by assuring quality using versatile applictions latest selenium, eggplant, Appium, red prairie, etc.

Media and Entertainment

Organizations in the entertainment and media industry are players with great advantage when it comes to the transition to the digital economy. As leaders in this transition, they are the example to follow for other industries, and this position includes a set of challenges, such as: increased competition, a relentless globalization, the expansion of new businesses, the release of accelerated cycles, the support of a new technological platform, as well as the need to have information in real time and 24/7 operations. The entertainment and media industry face these challenges and more. MAK IT has been working to facilitate this industry through its expertise in IT and cloud services.

The services that we offer for the entertainment and media industry, aims to provide leaders in the industry with agile capabilities to maintain innovation, launch new products, track ongoing operations, infrastructure and optimal application management. We deliver specialized development services, testing and support, launch of new products and 24/7 hybrid cloud management of some of the largest franchises in the industry, as well as analytics of the operations.